submissive what is!

Gary has many things he does to cement our sexuality, and as time goes on I'm sure to writing more.

Enjoy Howard and have fun and keep the passion high......Blush

by Blush on 2003 Oct 7 - 13:19 | reply to this comment Great Dynamic.. Hi King, your wife is a very perceptive woman if she came up with this dyamic between you. It certainly is a powerful way to connect and a wonderful release for you.

What the strongest element in it for us is love. I put my entire trust into Gary that he loves me and will not hurt me. Relatively speaking of

And he is simply in awe of how I love him enough to give this offering.

It is powerful, sexual and so connective, for both of us.

Of course he uses the same technique when I am at odds with the world.

It's really about the connection.

That alone makes the world fall by the wayside.......Blush

by Blush on 2003 Oct 7 - 14:26 | reply to this comment Blush and King, THANKS for th Blush and King, THANKS for this thread. I have got to get my husband to read this. He too, comes home from work all stressed out from the corporate BS, and I would LOVE for him to learn to release by taking me in hand.