I just want to add that just because I don’t feel forgiveness is relevant to the situation I described it doesn’t mean I walk around angry and bitter. Do I like that my ex is allowed to continue to derail my life simply by picking up a phone and calling an attorney who will do his evil bidding for him? Of course not, nor should I. But I do accept who and what my ex is, that HE wont change AND that dealing with the consequences of his actions are a regular part of my life. Should I have to? No. I don’t accept that this should be allowed to happen or continue. Expressing my frustration at him, the legal system and his attorney is one way I can be an advocate for change.

Should slaves have been more “forgiving” of the people who made them slaves or was it more productive to speak out about how they were being treated and try to DO something to change it? Now that things HAVE changed with slavery and equality, sure, we should all forgive our ancestors for the wrongs they comitted.

Again, forgiveness just has no relevance to a situation like mine, I dont “forgive” my ex for what he does when he can simply just STOP. Then and only then will there be something TO forgive. Not holding my breath though. Meanwhile, I forgive myself for ever becoming involved with and not seeing the true nature of who that man really is much sooner.