"I love the way you dress/you're a good dresser/I like whatever about you (appearance)"

A lot of guys think that looks don't matter, but realistically, women do care about the way you dress. Sure, in the long run, the way you dress might not matter, but in those first five seconds during (or even before) the approach, you can pretty much bet that she's assessing you by the way you dress. Go out and get yourself some decent clothes. Otherwise, you're just making it harder for yourself.


"I like assholes/That guy is too nice./I want a man."

Ok Captain Obvious. Honestly though, when I ask women why they don't like a friend of mine or if this is brought up in conversation, they usually give me one of those responses. Too many guys think that being an asshole=being a jerk, which isn't the case. What they mean, is that they want a guy who will stand up to them, not take thier shit, and take charge. I've attracted sooooo many women simply because I did not back down when they started yelling at me. In fact, one girl was yelling at me for being a womanizer one day, everyone laughed, but the next time I saw her, I fucked the hell out of her.


"Sometimes, you have to take a risk."

I brought up this quote, because it's something that eliminated last minute resistance. Before I made my move, we had a conversation about her career, and I specifically told her that she should take a risk with it and do what she wants to do with her life. I tried ot have sex with her, and she resisted. I froze her out, and then she grabbed me and started making out with me. When I asked her why she changed her mind, she said the above quote.

This demonstrates how using key words and phrases in a conversation can work to your advantage in the bedroom.


"You, you're not like every other guy. Every other guy would still try to have sex with me. Is there something wrong with me?"