In order to continue serving our consumers, our team has implemented new features and updates in Speechmax text for audio:

●	The wide range of [ speech synthesis] accessible to Hindi today offers a range of voices.
●	The writing help and word prediction are now available in the annotations tool to fill in blanks or to add comments to papers, as well as in annotations to documents you share.
●	Download any voice over app version to your Dropbox.

For organizers and teachers like more functionality:

●	Access to usage data for all [ speech synthesis] coordinators.
●	Teachers and coordinators may trade directories and documents, and the students can share a document with a teacher.
●	Exam mode provides read aids to be scheduled in advance and exams. Separate examination spaces and seating periods make test methods entirely secure.
●	Professors can assign jobs, notify students, deliver them, and obtain teacher diplomas or comment by [ speech synthesis], Speechmax.

Speechmax [ speech synthesis] is a leading literacy support tool.

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