seo off page

If you’re into SEO, chances are you relish a real challenge.

You might love the details of technical SEO—it gets the gears in your brain turning.

You might enjoy analyzing the quantities of dofollow link or nofollow links you’ve got.

You might spend months planning and scheming to prepare your sneakiest link building campaign yet.

But sometimes the best backlinks are the simplest.

Yet, they’re easy to overlook.

For example, Google backlinks are some of the easiest ones to get, and not every SEO has thought of exploring this avenue during link building.

That’s why you need to know how to get Google backlinks.

Just look at Google’s online properties, for example.

How many internet services does Google offer beyond the leading search engine?

I immediately thought of Google Maps and YouTube?.

In fact, there are more than a dozen others.

If you want to get Google backlinks, you need to understand what links are available and then how to get them.



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