I then have her take Dan and I's picture with my craptastic camera phone (sucks in dark areas). Of course it turns out crappy, and I make fun of her photo taking skills. She then pulls out her camera. Perfect. I tell her to take our (Dan and I) picture with it. I mock her with a few action poses of those fancy photogrophers who get down on one knee and move the camera side to side to take fancy shots. She laughs the entire time.

I love to use the photo taking neg because I know that the picture will be crappy everytime, and I can make fun of her for it. By making her take our picture it shows that I'm not one of those creepy guys taking pictures of girls to masturbate to later (I actually saw one girl get creeped out by a guy asking to take her picture while I was people watching from our hub/fort). She also now has a picture of us to remember us by and keep us on her mind.

When I realize that she's really comfortable with me, I suggest that we change bars, and head over to Gaswerks (from Brothers). However, when I suggested it, I say "but only if your friend is comfortable going also" so I asked her friend too, and she agreed.

Right now, I'm beggining the venue changes, so that she learns to trust me and doesn't get too bored sitting in one bar/area. I also said that that there was no need to rush, and that she should finish her drink first. This made it seem like I wasn't desperate to get her anywhere.

We get to Gaswerks, and I see a friend at the entrance. I give him a high-five and I sit to talk to him for a bit. I look over and see the two girls, Owen, Mark, and Dan just standing near the entrance talking. I go over, grab the blondes hand and lead her to the patio.